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Mpressive Exposure
Exposes people to and develops self-love, confidence and success for students, individuals and businesses through interactive & engaging events.

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Partners and Clients

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Mikayla Chess

"Confidence is the key that opens all doors of opportunity"

Mikayla Chess maximizes people's mindset and skillset to help them:
  • Gain confidence & self-love 

  • Live with a positive mindset

  • Resolve Conflict

  • Navigate social media


Annie Timmons, Executive Director of Friars Club

Friars Club was very impressed with the Mpressive Exposure program for our Friars kids. The children connected with Mikayla Chess the program director.


They looked up to her and enjoyed her energy and charismatic personality.

Friars program values were very much in line with the values of Mpressive Exposure.

Would definitely recommend this program for other young people to motivate and excite them and help positively build confidence.

Fanchon Page,  Miss Black Ohio Pageant Director

 Mikayla is a natural when it comes to stage presentation, performance, and hosting. She stays on script. Comes well prepared and can improvise when necessary. 

 I highly recommended Mikayla for anyone who needs to have a stage presenter. She is poised, energetic, and can deliver the punch. 

I really enjoyed her abilities to adapt, engage the audience and improvise when necessary to keep the flow going.  

Mikayla has hosted the Miss Black Ohio America Pageant and she exemplified the qualities of someone who is not afraid to speak in front of large crowds. She understands the importance of stage presence and timing. 

Carmen, Mother of Fashion Show Participant

I know with you working with Cameran and allowing him to be apart of the fashion show his confidence has grown. May God continue to bless you.

What People Say



Mikayla MOTIVATES ALL groups, but she is particularly popular as a motivational speaker in certain industries. She’s a very interactive conference speaker for women’s groups - both professional and women’s/girl’s wellness groups, and is in constant demand as a keynote speaker for schools and universities. In addition she is great for keynote speaking at businesses looking to increase employee self-love, confidence, and success.

Need More Than A Speaker?
                  How About Workshops?

Mpressive Exposure provides a tailored experience to meet your goals. Our in-person or virtual workshops and presentations combine unique content and information with hands-on skill-building. Participation is encouraged through group exercises, games, skill development, music, and more. The sessions are content-rich and can build upon one another. Some workshops are paired with a workbook to foster participation in any environment.

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