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Ready to Explore Your Speaking and Workshop Possibilities? Choose Your Path to Motivational Excellence!

Are You a Trailblazing Company or an Innovative School/Organization?

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A speaker can present old ideas in a new way that gets your employees, students, or organization thinking. They can inspire creativity and entertain your audience. Mikayla Chess is a charismatic, optimistic, encouraging, and relatable speaker that provides the audience with a chance to be a part of the event. She is entertaining, engaging, and provides a safe space to be authentic and intentional through interactivity. Her style of speaking helps show your organization that you truly value and care about their well-being. Perspective is a powerful tool and offering a message in a different light can lead to a plethora of benefits. Inspire connections and foster a sense of community. This is a time to be inspired, laugh, reflect, grow, and learn together.

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Our live or virtual workshops and seminars combine unique content and information with hands-on skill-building. Workshops are a great way to bond, have fun, learn, and find support within your community or organization. Depending on your objectives and time frame, you may prefer large-group seminars or small-group workshops. Whatever your needs are, Mpressive Exposure provides a tailored experience to meet your goals.  Some workshops are paired with a workbook to foster participation in any environment.

Ready to Explore Your Speaking and Workshop Possibilities? Choose Your Path to Motivational Excellence!

Are You a Trailblazing Company or an Innovative School/Organization?

Looking to Add a Spark of Inspiration and Ignite Potential at Your Next Event?

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Mikayla Chess can open, close, or be the main event at your next conference. Her positive energy, interactive activities and fabulous ideas on how people can get the most from their conference experience will keep your audience happy & engaged! She will set them up to EXPECT THE VERY BEST EVERY MOMENT THEY ARE THERE!

She will leave people laughing, and talking about their positive experience so much that they will want to come back next year and bring all their friends!


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Mikayla is a natural at weaving your entire conference or event together masterfully incorporating her fun, high energy, fast-paced emcee skills, ensuring that everything flows effortlessly. With her experience as an emcee for pageants, fashion shows, talent shows, acting and hosting the podcast “That’s Mikayla” she knows how to keep everyone engaged, involved and laughing.

Panel Discussion Leader

As the panel discussion leader, Mikayla finds out what your objectives are for this group, what messages you want the audience to receive and design how the panel members will best serve your objectives. She will then guide the discussion not only with predetermined questions, but also with questions that arise organically out of the conversation.


A great way to add value to your audience is by assembling a panel of individuals who represent the best of the best in your industry. Mikayla brings an authentic, genuine, relatable discussion for your audience to enjoy. She is an expert on self-love, confidence, speaking, modeling, overall wellbeing and more! This is a chance for your audience to learn, ask questions and leave with action items.

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Putting together a great event can take an overwhelming amount of time and preparation, but the ultimate goal is to come away with eager attendees and residual benefit to your company, school, or organization.  Hiring the right person will not only accomplish both of these goals but will also help alleviate the pressure you may be feeling to make your event a success.

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Depending on your needs, Mpressive Exposure has a range of options that are available daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. 

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