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"Whether it's pageant stages or runways, CONFIDENCE is the thing that sets YOU a part"

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Mikayla is a 3 time pageant winner, providing her the experience and knowledge to help you succeed! Each session is tailored to your specifc needs! Mikayla covers all the basics and more including:


  • Walking

  • Personality

  • Modeling

  • Poise & Grace

  • On Stage Questions

  • Interview

  • Confidence

  • Mental Preparation



There are various elements that make a good model. Mikayla has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your modeling goals! You can join a class or get 1 on 1 coaching. Both include:


  • Walking

  • Personality

  • Posing

  • Confidence

  • Getting Booked

  • Working with an Agency

  • In's & Out's of The Business

  • Resources to get you STARTED!

Mikayla's Manifesting Winners

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Mikayla's Manifesting Winners!

I enjoyed training and getting ready for the pageant. Mikayla is an awesome pageant coach. 


Before the coaching I had no modeling or pageant experience. Mikayla turn me from a ball player into a run way pageant queen. Mikayla was very patient with me. I did not like to walk into heels at first but now I’m more comfortable. After perfecting my walk and stance. Mikayla helped me gain so much confidence. Not only for the pageant but also confidence that transition into my daily lifestyle. 


I had an amazing experience working with Mikayla. I would do it all over again!! 

Carlinda Colbert,
Miss Omega Psi Phi 2017
WVSU Miss Senior 2019

Unsure about taking the next step? No problem! Book your FREE CONSULTATION CALL today!


There’s NO RISK because there’s NO OBLIGATION if you decide not to pursue services!


Not sure which services are right for you? That’s fine! Based on your needs, we will discuss these options during your FREE CONSULTATION CALL. For more information about services click here.

Virtual Team Meeting

Virtual or Face to Face

Any session type can be virtual or face to face

  • Zoom

  • Facetime

  • Google Meets 

  • Greater Cincinnati/ Kentucky Area 


Types of Sessions

Whether you're looking for yourself, a daughter/niece/loved one, or an organization for girls group I can help.​

  • Individual

  • Group

  • Workshop

  • Seminar​

A couple at a business meeting


This is an initial call that allows me to assess your needs and come up with a suitable schedule & plan for your goals. 

100% FREE. No obligation to move forward.

Depending on your needs, Mpressive Exposure has a range of options that are available daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. 

Imagine how your life might change if you had the skills to intentionally show up as your best self, every time. Whether you are on stage, a runway, school, work, interacting with others, or delivering a formal presentation; appearing credible and confident will significantly raise your effectiveness. No need to continue to imagine when this can be a reality. Confidence, happiness, and success can all be a part of your LIFE.

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