Coronavirus, Wellness & M.E.

This can be a scary time for all of us but remember you are not alone! You are loved, valued, important and appreciated! You will get through this and brighter days will come! We are forever and always wishing you peace, love, happiness and success! Stay home & Stay positive!


Open the windows and get dressed (do not spend all day in your pajamas)! Clean - a clear spaces creates a clear mind. Take breaks from work, the news, and others in your house. Meditate - take the time to be grateful or thankful for something everyday and do something that makes you happy!

Image by Jared Rice


Believe you have purpose, know that a higher power protects you during these times. There is a space for you in this universe, things will get better. Keep faith and hope that this will pass. Spread love not germs!

Image by Simon Wilkes


Exercise, dance, laugh, smile, eat food that give you energy, take deep breaths, speak positivity into the world! 

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Stream some music and have a dance party! Play games inside and outside. Have a bon fire, watch movies, read a good book, put together puzzles, blow bubble, or have a slumber party. Be creative, try something new, get the family involved. Go in the front yard, backyard or stay in! Just be sure to have some fun!


Staying Safe

-Wash your hands 

-Practice social distancing 

-When handling things in public use wipes, gloves or paper towels.

-If you're feeling sick stay home 

-Limit yourself to small crowds 

-Wear a mask

-Stay up to date with reliable and credible resources

Personal Hygiene